New Etiss Website

 Welcome to the New Etiss Website

At Etiss Ltd we strike a good balance between traditional values and modern approaches to our industry.  We provide leading edge services and advice but we have taken it a step further now by adding a new website.

We took our old website and have had it reworked into a new style to correctly showcase what we do and how we work.

As a lifting industry specialist we wanted the site to convey the sector we represent but also to make it easier for people to reach us and for new customers to find Etiss Ltd.  We spoke to a local company called PC Futures who met with us and provided a site we are very pleased with.

They took the trouble to understand our industry but also to build us a site that can be marketed and scaled to include the shop function we want to add.

With fast hosting and a design sympathetic to our client base we are really pleased with the results.  If there is anything else you would like to see on our website please get in touch via the site.